Welcome to sassy soap online,

We are Carol and Anita and our passion is manufacturing beautiful, quality, palm-oil free soap using premium ingredients, which include pure essential oils, natural exfoliants, fresh goat’s milk and cosmetic/food grade colours. In response to customer demand, we have recently started making a limited range of soap scented with fragrant oils. Our product range also includes moisturising creams enriched with pure essential oils for both face and body, as well as all natural, aluminium-free deodorant.

In July 2014, we closed our dear little shop in Warburton due to ever-increasing time commitments and moved next door to the Tourist Information Centre at the fantastic Waterwheel. We are in wonderful company amongst other local artisans whose work is diverse, imaginative and colourful and well worth a visit. The venue is staffed by a dedicated band of volunteers and is open from 10 till 4 everyday except Christmas Day.

Originally all our soap was made in the Soap Studio at the base of magical Mt. Donna Buang but the closure of our shopfront has seen the development of the “Raymond Island Outpost”, in the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, to where Carol has re-located. So now our soap is made in not one but two of the most beautiful places in the world :)

Apart from our specialty soap [shampoo and neem], we are pleased to announce that we have now transitioned to making 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil soap. We do still have some older stock that contains coconut oil and shea butter but we won’t be making any more of this formulation, except for special orders. Customers may find that olive oil soap has a slightly different feel and lather to our original soap but we love the way it leaves our skin  :)  To make the soap last longer, we recommend lathering up a mesh ball to wash with and then make sure that the soap is kept well drained - you don’t need a special dish, just use an upturned nail brush  :) Hope you love it like we do!!

Best wishes,

Carol & Anita



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