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orange, aniseed, patchouli, clove and cinnamon essential oils, colour, black clay

lemon eucalyptus essential oil, colour

essential oils of grapefruit, orange, cinnamon, patchouli and lemongrass, ground cloves and chai tea

peppermint essential oil, coffee grounds & cocoa powder

rose geranium, lavender, orange, palmerosa & patchouli essential oils, colour

essential oils of cedarwood, patchouli & orange , rosehips, colour

not available :(

essential oils of ylang ylang & patchouli

lavender and patchouli essential oils

lemongrass & lime essential oils, colour

cinnamon, orange & patchouli essential oils, lentils & poppyseeds

ylang ylang, lime & palmerosa essential oils, colour

peppermint, lavender, orange & patchouli essential oils, rolled oats.

spearmint essential oil, granulated coffee, colour

cinnamon, patchouli, orange & bergamot essential oils, cinnamon, colour

lavender & orange essential oils, manuka honey & oatmeal

rose geranium, bergamot & patchouli essential oils, pink clay, rose petals

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